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What Is Serviced Apartments And Why They Are Growing Speedily?

Posted Date:- 16 Aug 2016 What Is Serviced Apartments And Why They Are Growing Speedily? An increasing number of business travelers and executives are opting for serviced apartments instead of hotel accommodations. Their reasons for doing the same are pretty simple! Serviced apartments are affordable, spacious and provide them with a great deal of flexibility. Read on to find out what is a serviced apartment and why are they growing speedily.

What is a Serviced Apartment?
A serviced apartment is basically a fully-furnished apartment that is taken for accommodation purpose by travelers, business executives and individuals and families while on a holiday tour. These apartments can be taken either for a short duration or long duration, depending upon the requirements of the individual or group and offer amenities similar to that of hotels and resorts.

Why are they growing rapidly?
Needles to mention, serviced apartments offer a host of amenities and features that further enable travelers to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable stay at highly affordable rates. Serviced apartments provide individuals with greater flexibility, range of choices and a host of facilities at nearly half the rates of hotels and resorts. Serviced apartments offer amenities like bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room, which is ideal for an individual on a business trip or even a family that intends to enjoy their vacation together.

While, hotels and resorts charge you for double and single occupancy, the rates of serviced apartment’s oared highly competitive and reduce in accordance with the duration of the stay. Besides, instead of paying high hotel accommodation charges, breakfast charges and bills, you can do the cooking yourself and enjoy your stay at a serviced apartment. In fact, this is the single most reason why many business executives and travelers prefer serviced apartments instead of costly hotel rooms and services.

Additionally, a serviced apartment is more spacious in comparison to a hotel accommodation. It includes a kitchen, balcony, living area, bedroom and bathroom. On the contrary, a hotel room is compact and features only a single room with attached bathroom. Thus, serviced apartments provide you with a lot of space for relaxing and unwinding in comparison to a hotel room. This is another reason why families, groups, individuals and business travelers prefer serviced apartments and the demand for the same is growing at a huge rate.

To sum up, hotel rooms are expensive and impersonal whereas serviced apartments feel much like home. You have access to daily use appliances such as washing machine, refrigerator and television. Besides, many serviced apartments offer hotel like facility such as housekeeping and security services, which makes them an excellent option for one and all.

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