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Common Myths in Real Estate Investment - Do you need to Pay Attention?

Posted Date:- 07 Jul 2016 Common Myths in Real Estate Investment - Do you need to Pay Attention? The real estate sector is a volatile market; it can give birth to high expectations and then lead to sharp disappointments. There have been spectacular stories from rags to riches and at the same time there have been quite a few anecdotes about steady improvement. However, if experts are to be believed behind a series of disappointments and expectations, one can find a common story; people have believed certain myths and have followed it blindly without ant proper analysis or examination. Maybe, it is time to get close to the ground reality and take a fresh look at some of the myths.

When you look at the real estate market, there are two cities that come to your mind upfront; Gurgaon and Noida. Both of these satellite cities have completely changed the spectrum of real estate scenario in India. And when you look at the ongoing projects in Noida Expressway, you are bound to think will these projects yield a good return? Will I make a huge profit? Well, to begin with you must be aware that like all industries, real estate prices can fall too. It is not always that the property rates will appreciate. There has been a downward trend for property prices for a few years. Dramatic crashes are uncommon, but the price may fall nevertheless. Prominent companies like Assotech Realty, which have steadily risen over the years with some of the fine housing projects in Noida Expressway such as Elegante, feel that only sound judgement can lead you to greater profits. One of their prestigious projects Elegante which is mainly designed for people who love to stay at the top and is absolutely fascinated with the concept of lifestyle apartments shows that people still rely on good projects for investment. And before you invest, you must thoroughly analyze the prospects.

Another misconception held by many is that the real estate is that the market is essentially dominated by the sellers. In other words, it is essentially a seller’s market. But it is not always true. In fact, the flow of the real estate industry is volatile. You cannot unload a property, if you are not having the right profit amount. Moreover, it may take about 3 to 6 months to sell off a particular property. And if there is a slump, it might just take longer. When it comes to projects, the real estate companies really need to think ahead of their times. Take for instance, the case of Tradex Towers I and II. When you think about the pioneers in commercial office space in Noida, the name of these two come to the mind; there is ample parking space, glass elevators and beautifully-landscaped garden. In fact, now it is one of the most prominent shopping cum office spaces in Greater Noida. The property must have some potential; otherwise you cannot be in an advantageous position in real estate industry.

There are probably a handful of properties which can promise greater yield; but you cannot always paint a rosy picture by thinking about future development. You will probably hear thousands of good things like the Metro will come to your doorstep or the shopping complex will come up near your house. There may be many plans for future development, but always try to use your discretion and judgement to understand how it can benefit you. If you are unsure even a bit, you should restrain from taking a rash decision.

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Established in 2002, Assotech Realty Pvt. Ltd. completed its first commercial project next to the Greater Noida Golf Course - Tradex Tower I & Tradex Tower II, which were followed by a series of highly acclaimed residential projects in the real estate market such as Windsor Park, Spring fields, Elegante, Cabana, etc. Since then, the company has made a conscious effort towards continuously raising the bar - every time delivering a better product while maintaining to grow vertically over the years.

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