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Combating Some Potential Threats in Real Estate Business

Posted Date:- 11 Jul 2016 Combating Some Potential Threats in Real Estate Business It is sometimes difficult to gauge the ups and downs of the real estate industry. Even the most seasoned players in the industry might fail to identify certain threats. It often becomes increasingly difficult to focus on any particular area, because the threats might range from changing demographic needs to global uncertainty as a whole. But the intelligence lies in identifying these threats! Let’s discuss about some of the potential threats in real estate business and how paying attention to them, will help you to beat the market.

Let’s look at a simple scenario; if speculations are to be believed, Noida is the next ‘big’ thing in Indian real estate market. A lot of upscale commercial office spaces in Noida Expressway are coming up, catering to the varied requirements of the clients. The demand for office space has changed drastically over the years. It is not just an office space anymore; it is something more than that. Keeping with the growing demand of an entire generation, Assotech Realty has come up with Assotech Business Cresterra. This self-contained IT Park is not just an office space; it has designated spaces for research and technical labs, ITES offices, serviced apartments and places for recreation, health and shopping. This self-contained office space is probably one of the most amazing places in Noida which has embraced the newer generation’s demand for an office space where they can work and relax as well.

Attention to factors like sustainability in the workplace has also become a major theme. More and more businesses are concerned and aware of saving energy and water to create a safe and healthy work atmosphere for their employees. It is actually becoming one of the integral components of commercial properties. Probably, this is one of the most important facets of real estate scenario in the coming years and organizations which pay attention to this facet will stay competitive. A company which has integrated this facet in its many projects is Assotech Realty. In both their residential and commercial projects, it has consciously tried to create a sustainable situation. From commercial office spaces in Noida to affordable residential projects like Springfield, Assotech Realty has combined the best of technology and sustainability to create amazing projects. In Springfield for instance, if you look at the 3.5 acre green belt and the open spaces inside the campus, you will definitely feel the ‘going back to nature’ ambience. It will be like having a piece of green oasis amidst the concrete jungle.

Today the most marked change that has been noted in the Indian real estate market is the shift from family-owned businesses to professionally managed organizations. Professionals like architects, project managers and engineers are hired to look after projects in the real estate industry. Along with these have also come fresh challenges in the form of delay in infrastructure, sourcing of materials etc. This process will take some time to streamline; and during this process of streamlining, the real estate market can be in a flux. One has to be prepared to combat the threats that come with this flux.

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Established in 2002, Assotech Realty Pvt. Ltd. completed its first commercial project next to the Greater Noida Golf Course - Tradex Tower I & Tradex Tower II, which were followed by a series of highly acclaimed residential projects in the real estate market such as Windsor Park, Spring fields, Elegante, Cabana, etc. Since then, the company has made a conscious effort towards continuously raising the bar - every time delivering a better product while maintaining to grow vertically over the years.

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