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A Few Tips to Start with Real Estate Investment

Posted Date:- 21 Jun 2016 A Few Tips to Start with Real Estate Investment Real estate investment is tricky, or so says everyone. And if you are considering investment in that sector, you are bound to be a little sceptical, because the industry thrives on highs and lows. There are several kinds of investment properties that you can consider. It might be commercial, retail, hospitality and even residential apartments. But when you decide on the kind of investment you want to make, you need to find out about certain things. First you need to research the financing options; take a look at the interest rates, local taxes, insurance fees and maintenance expenses. If you are not getting any tax benefits from the investment, they you might have to think twice.

Now consider a simple scenario. There are probably thousands of commercial office spaces in Noida, but not all have the same facilities as Tradex Tower I &II. Tradex Tower I was one of the first few buildings that came up in vicinity of Greater Noida’s commercial zone. It is strategically positioned on the widest road of 104 meters and overlooks the lovely Jaypee Greens International Golf course. Beautiful landscapes, ample parking area, and glass elevators; these are only some of the few interesting features of this project. Today, it is one of the popular shopping cum office complexes of this area. Now, when you think of investment, Tradex Towers will many of the criteria.

Looking at local trends is also important. The financial decisions will largely depend on local trends and not on the national ones. It is a surprising thing, but rates of appreciation and property values differ dramatically from one neighborhood to the other. There are many factors which are taken into consideration before the appreciation value of the property is decided. Think of Noida and Greater Noida for instance. There was a time when Gurgaon had ample opportunities of investment. But now more and more investors are keen on investing in Noida, because it is an upcoming area. One look at the various office spaces on Noida Expressway and you will understand the diverse needs of the clients. There are so many projects which have made a mark. Some upcoming projects have also created a niche market. Take for instance, the Sandal Street from Assotech India. This 73,000 square feet of innovatively designed layout offers a high-end shopping experience to people. The place will accommodate salon, spa, utility shops, cafe and various other shops and prospective investors have already started talking about this project. Going with the flow of the local trends, this project has catered to the need of the investors who are looking for solid projects for investment.

Before you invest, you should always think about the investment value of the property. Borrowing money for any real estate property is a serious issue and in most cases it is seen that financial institutions think twice before they loan for an investment property. Whenever you think about the appreciation cost of any property, you should try and take a discerning role. Think about it in the most objective manner, so that you can weigh the pros and cons before you take the plunge. Before investing, you should get to know about the property in details; and before coming to any decision, you should try to know about the pros and cons of making such an investment.

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Established in 2002, Assotech Realty Pvt. Ltd. completed its first commercial project next to the Greater Noida Golf Course - Tradex Tower I & Tradex Tower II, which were followed by a series of highly acclaimed residential projects in the real estate market such as Windsor Park, Spring fields, Elegante, Cabana, etc. Since then, the company has made a conscious effort towards continuously raising the bar - every time delivering a better product while maintaining to grow vertically over the years.

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